Exploration. Food.


Our disconnection to food has reached an all time high. Plastic wrapped, canned, styrofoam packaged snacks fill our pantries with ingredients you can't pronounce, grown in conditions you'd rather not know about, and shipped from half a world away. 

The Foragers Galley dives back into the natural world to find the original wild ingredients that the environment has provided for millennia; scallops from the reef, wild mushrooms from the forest, berries from the mountain tops. We access the most remote regions of Canada's coast in search of choice edibles sought after by chefs around the world. Once our baskets are full we prepare these delicious ingredients right there and then to experience the outdoor world not just by it's scenery, but by its flavours.

The Foragers Galley is a team of outdoor fanatics dedicated to foraging and photographing wild foods. Their core belief is that learning about and understanding the natural gifts provided by the ocean and forest leads to an absolute respect for the environment. That they provide medicinal and edible herbs, plants and vegetables is all the more reason for them to be valued and protected. The founders of the Foragers Galley are based in the Pacific Northwest on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. From there they plan regular wild foods adventures including wild mushroom and mollusk harvesting tours along the west coast. Outside of these tours they spend their time organizing and catering events or else gathering wild edibles to fill their own pantries.